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Pantyhose | Tights & Socks at Discount Prices – Legwear Loft

If you are looking for tights and socks at discount prices, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for sexy pantyhose or leggings, Legwear Loft is your best choice. Place your order online. 


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Legwear Loft fills the gap between the fun and frivolous leggings fitting of youth and the composed and conservative hosiery that the professional world demands. We exist to give voice to a mood or to a whim—to facilitate personal expression in a way that is both mature and refined but never boring.

We are the people who have been designing tights, leggings, and  hosiery for designer brands for over 20 years. Our legwear is made for women who want to express their personalities, and we strive to help you feel confident, comfortable, and maybe just a little daring.

Don’t take the car out just because you need a pair of pantyhose. Shop online at Legwear Loft and we will deliver your product to you. We offer the best in ladies’ legwear such as tights and socks at discount prices.